MediaOne Services
The ”accelerator” among these integrated assets is MediaOne Services. GeneroCity has a majority interest in Northern California’s premier independent media production and broadcast facility.

Serving as the in-house production and distribution center of GeneroCity Media, GeneroCity  enables members to produce, broadcast and webcast their message via TV, the Web, Mobile Phones and “Live to Air” from our  SF Studios or at Mayacamas Ranch to create the  greatest impact possible.


  • Offers a transmission capability that is unparalleled in North California for independent outsource providers for a wide variety of content, including Website media platforms, Public Service Announcements, documentaries, video blogs, video-conferenced worldwide symposiums, round-table conferences, podcasts, news programming and more.
  • Has a 11,000 square foot, four-studio facility, including two 1-camera insert studios and two 3-camera studios.
  • Is a fully staffed 24/7 broadcast, transmission center and complete master control facility for playout of cable, satellite, IP and mobile video channels with 12 satellites on our roof.
  • Is the largest video fiber and downlinking hub in Northern California, with access to the entire arc of domestic satellites and the Pacific Rim international satellites as well, offering its customers a worldwide reach.

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