Mayacamas Ranch – Retreat & Conference Center

This exquisite 100-acre site, located in the Mayacamas Mountains above the town of Calistoga, California, is 75 miles north of the rich cultural crossroads of San Francisco.

Native American tribes gathered in these hills for thousands of years, using this land for “potlatch” ceremonies, creating a society in which the status of any given family was not determined by who had the most resources, but by who distributed the most resources.

Today, it is a beautiful resort for our members and paying clients. It often serves as the distinctive setting for a variety of filmed and televised events, but in keeping with its history, it is also becoming a laboratory for the solutions of tomorrow; a sanctuary for the leaders and doers and donors who come to collaborate.

Mayacamas Ranch is where our grounded sense of place, of unity, and of mission resides.

GeneroCity is using this land to:

  • House the first Center for GeneroCity, a philanthropic laboratory for foundations, families, corporations and social profit groups.
  • Host world-class health workshops, educational seminars, and other GeneroCity retreats focused on Health, Sustainability and World Affairs.
  • Accommodate a wide variety of associations, workshops and celebrations in a facility with secluded grounds, comfortable guest rooms, distinctive cuisine and multiple meeting spaces for overnight guests and multi-day events.
  • Produce live and virtual events for film and television, using our MediaOne Production Studios to create programming that will air on GeneroCity TV, and link our GeneroCity communities.
  • Host leaders— and their groups— gathering to explore the cusp between business and altruism and the cutting-edge social and financial innovations that will result.

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