Synergistic Assets
The driving force beneath GeneroCity is GeneroCity Partners, Inc., a powerful, profitable social venture business based in San Francisco, California.

GeneroCity is part of a group of dynamic social enterprise companies working in close harmony, each of them a unique enhancement to the GeneroCity process. A class action finance company, an innovative point-of-sale system and a media company are working to maximize the financial health and public awareness of the GeneroCity brand.

This synergy will fuel our long term strategy which will marry an online social network with media content, real estate, brand licensing and syndication to create GeneroCities worldwide.

Mayacamas Ranch – Retreat & Conference Center

Rising from these two capital streams is our land-based asset and future home of the Center for GeneroCity, Mayacamas Ranch – A Retreat & Conference Center.

MediaOne Services

Serving as the in-house production and distribution center of GeneroCity Media, GeneroCity enables members to produce, broadcast and webcast their message via TV, the Web, Mobile Phones and “Live to Air” from our SF Studios or at Mayacamas Ranch to create the greatest impact possible

Cascade Settlement Services

Cascade Settlement Services is a specialty finance investment firm which generates a portion of its settlement proceeds to help support GeneroCity’s Challenges for the public good.

Check Out with GeneroCity

Check Out with GeneroCity is the next generation of online and mobile point-of-sale (POS) systems, projected to go live in 2011.