GeneroCity in Action

MediaOne May Highlights

Ice Cream and Ultrabooks, Closets and Newscasts (two seperate things) Headgear and Head Shots.

May Was Busy
MSNBC at MediaOne

They’re baaack…..

Last month it was Rachel Maddow. The month before, Chris Matthews. In May it was Dylan Ratigan bringing his show to San Francisco and MediaOne (behind the scenes note: he did his show in sandles. We have photo proof).


Remember when headsets were just what the cool kids working the drive up wore? Kenwood Group of San Francisco brought Plantronics in for a live webcast. Plantronics is changing things with “smart headphones” but we’re sure they’ll still work for “want fries with that?”

Clean Your Room!

Closets are a great place to store your stuff. Boxes of junk you never really need to get to or even ever care to see again. Some people actually use closets to store clothes….hang shirts and (gasp!) pants. The creative team at Consultancy Media (check out this site) brought in one of these proponents. Ginny Snook Scott of California Closets was here for a Satellite Media Tour trying to convince people to clean up their act. We were hoping to have a one of these closets built in the studio with an opportunity to fill it with grip gear. Alas, we went green screen.

Somebody say Summer?

We continued our shoots at Google with NewMe Accelerator Demo Day, nervous startups showing off the next big idea, and ice cream wonderguys Jake Godby and Sean Vaheyn of theHumphry Slocombe Ice Cream Book. The startups brought new toys, the ice cream guys brought ice cream. Nuff said.

Intel and HP

Intel was back with moretechnology in another in a series of webcasts showing retailers some sweet features. This time, partner HP was in house displaying some of the fancy outsides that contain the Intel inside.