Featured Videos

Videos from GeneroCity’s 10-10-10 Event.

Deepak Chopra Interviews GeneroCity Hero Jim Gordon

This is a great, short video featuring GeneroCity Hero James Gordon, MD and Deepak Chopra, MD talking about healing PTSD in Haiti.

AFH and Students Rebuild

We discovered this video via Students Rebuild, which is a program of our friends at Architecture for Humanity. It is also an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation.

Zac Taylor, a Design Fellow at Architecture for Humanity, explains Students Rebuild in this video. He is a very young man who gives us hope for the future of our country and the next generation of change agents.

Architecture for Humanity at Mayacamas Ranch

Architecture for Humanity joined us for a Powered by GeneroCity retreat last year. We are so delighted that they are returning for a retreat in a few weeks. Here are some highlights from that first gathering last year.