Founding members and others at all levels will be the co-creators of a
21st century sea change in the way people give and receive. Please join us today.

As a Founding Member, you will have an investment participation in a for-profit, social venture holding company called GeneroCity Partners Inc.

A limited number of Founding memberships will be offered over the next few months, so the time to join us is now. Founders will have exclusive and unlimited access to GeneroCity live events; insider access to our retreat facility at Mayacamas Ranch; use of our MediaOne facilities at huge discounts; opportunities to invest in all GeneroCity-powered opportunities, and other privileges. Members receive a set amount of GeneroCity Currency credits that can be spent through our assets, or can be given away.

Corporations, foundations and consumers are also encouraged to join us, in keeping with our fully diversified investment model. All members will have access to the upcoming GeneroCity Exchange and a GeneroCity Bank account.

But beyond you will be joining an extraordinary community of people embarking on a high-value venture that will change the way we invest in a sustainable future.

Not only will you be investing your resources in a high-value venture, but you will be joining our global brain-trust based at the Center for GeneroCity, all of us working together to create an unprecedented model of sustainable giving and receiving.

You are, in essence, merging your personal interests with one of the most groundbreaking and relevant “think and do tanks” in the world.

Membership Has Its Privledges

Among the opportunities and benefits our Members enjoy are:

  • Preferred investment status in GeneroCity Partners Inc.
  • Discounts, privileged access to and free offerings from MediaOne, Cascade Capital Management and Mayacamas Ranch.
  • Close and easy access to the wider membership of individuals, foundations, business and industry leaders, and the Game Changers at the Center for GeneroCity.
  • Access to the latest means for helping families and family foundations with the intergenerational challenges of governance, succession and the transfer of assets and core values.
  • Free admittance for friends to most introductory programs.
  • Advance notice and invitations to our programs.
  • Cutting edge index measurements, and consultation with our multi-media content creators.
  • Small group encounters with other contributors and thought leaders that are documented and memorialized.
  • A sophisticated, interactive web platform.
  • The GeneroCity newsletter, a web-based subscription publication.

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