GeneroCity in Action

Hippocrates Institute at Mayacamas Ranch

This is an amazing opportunity that doesn’t come to the west coast very often. Check it out!

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Yoga Retreat: The Video Game

Check it out! Video games can be a powerful force when it comes to telling stories and promoting positive habits. Gajarati Studios is creating a new online game called Yoga Retreat. Here’s a preview:

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MediaOne May Highlights

Ice Cream and Ultrabooks, Closets and Newscasts (two seperate things) Headgear and Head Shots.
May Was Busy

They’re baaack…..
Last month it was Rachel Maddow. The month before, Chris Matthews. In May it was Dylan Ratigan bringing his show to San Francisco and MediaOne (behind the scenes note: he did his show in sandles. We have photo proof).

Remember when headsets …

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Chevrolet Sponsors One World Futbol

Chevrolet has partnered with One World Futbol to donate one and a half million soccer balls to youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide. This project contains so much of what we love about philanthropy: a major corporation giving back, a creative solution, sports education as a means of lifting people up and a social venture enterprise.
Mal …

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Former NBA Star, MacArthur Genius and Food Revolutionary

Will Allen is the son of sharecroppers. He escaped poverty by becoming a professional basketball player and a business executive. Yet, he re-discovered his connection to the land and eventually became a leader in the urban farming movement. Allen was awarded a MacArthur Genius grant for his work in promoting sustainable, local agriculture. This resonates …

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A Celebration of Gratitude, in collaboration with our San Francisco studio MediaOne, will be presenting a live broadcast on June 23, 2012. A Celebration of Gratitude will be a free, live video event and will be broadcast from San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts between 1 pm and 8 pm Eastern time. The broadcast will feature world-renowned speakers …

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TM and Quiet Time in San Francisco Schools

Visitacion Valley Middle School in San Francisco has been transformed by the use of meditation. Inner city children live in highly stressful environments. Some are legitimately suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, others face economic instability and are in physical danger in their own neighborhoods. For families with few economic resources it is hard to …

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The ‘Tank Man’

Twenty-three years ago, today, a lone man in Tiananmen Square bravely stood in front of a column of tanks. The resulting image is an indelible reminder of what one man can accomplish, the power of an image and how much work remains to be done around the world when it comes to freedom.
Here’s to all …

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Changing Education

This animated presentation is brilliant. It explains why we need to rethink how we educate our children and why our systems of education are based on an old paradigm.

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You Minus Thoughts

In this short video, our friend Thom Knoles explains that meditation reveals what we truly are.

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