Why GeneroCity?

GeneroCity is a company, a cause and a community which in partnership with philanthropists, social entrepreneurs and corporations identifies, incubates and connects high impact initiatives and enterprises with financing and GeneroCity Assets.We are seeing an extraordinary trend around giving and triple bottom line investing, including an increase in social consciousness among corporations, private foundations, volunteerism and high profile philanthropic campaigns.

This convergence demands a thoughtful and purposeful conversation in the national media about how we can all best express our generosity.

The recent collapse of the financial markets has reduced the flow of proceeds to philanthropies, foundations and social ventures. Fewer donors and investors mean less funding for new products, programs and vital services.

Developing nations seem to be compounding those failures, partly because the developed world keeps exporting its mistakes.

This is also a moment of unprecedented ingenuity, public stewardship, and daring innovation. There is tremendous opportunity afoot, especially as innovators and investors explore new kinds of profitable and sustainable partnerships. We have a chance to export the best of the developed world’s ingenuity in a more mindful way.

GeneroCity is a crucible for that new paradigm.

“…Economic activity itself, from the dawn of human society to the present time, is sacred to the core… Primitive man created an economic surplus so that he would have something to give to the gods; the giving of the surplus was an offering to the gods who controlled the entire economy of nature in the first place, and so man needed to give precisely in order to keep himself immersed in the cosmology of obligation and expiation.”

– Ernest Becker
“…Economic demand is not the same as economic need. There are billions of people who need the great inventions of the computer age, and many more basic needs as well. But they have no way of expressing their needs in ways that matter to markets. So they go without… The genius of capitalism lies in its ability to make self-interest serve the great innovations that have improved the lives of billions. But to harness this power so it benefits everyone – we need to refine the system.”

– Bill Gates