GeneroCity Community

The GeneroCity Community has been established to invite and unite individuals, families, high net-worth investors, philanthropists, social purpose groups and social artists, change agents and entrepreneurs to do more and more good as this century unfolds.

How are we doing this? Such a lofty goal requires a well-grounded platform from which to launch it. The GeneroCity community offers both a virtual and literal place in which to access wisdom and nurture innovation. Within this multi-tiered space, we have already begun to meet the unfulfilled needs of the future, providing support for the leaders and game changers of our time, the people who are inspiring and motivating this sustainable action.

Why GeneroCity?

This is a moment of unprecedented ingenuity, public stewardship, and daring innovation. There is tremendous opportunity afoot, especially as innovators and investors explore new kinds of profitable and humanitarian partnerships.

Game Changers

Many of us catch fleeting glimpses of the future, the wider one beyond our own. But some have made a pact with themselves to try to change that wider future, one step at a time, starting now. They have found their unique pivot point, have learned how to lead, and are changing the game for thousands, if not millions of people.

GeneroCity in Action

News and Information about GeneroCity, our community, activities and successes.

Featured Videos

Video from events, Game Changers, Initiatives and Challenges.


Founding and general memberships in Generocity are available now.