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Chevrolet Sponsors One World Futbol

Chevrolet has partnered with One World Futbol to donate one and a half million soccer balls to youth in disadvantaged communities worldwide. This project contains so much of what we love about philanthropy: a major corporation giving back, a creative solution, sports education as a means of lifting people up and a social venture enterprise.

Mal Warwick, a Bay Area philanthropic thought leader, is the Managing Member of One World Futbol Project LLC. Warwick recently told Care2, “One World Futbol is what is often called a ‘hybrid venture’ consisting of two entities: a for-profit business organized as a socially and environmentally Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a nonprofit foundation.”

On the One World Futbol website the project is elegantly explained:

Together we share the belief that soccer not only brings people together through the excitement of the game, but also helps heal and rebuild communities impacted by war, disasters and poverty. We’re excited to welcome Chevrolet as our founding sponsor–together we can positively influence millions more lives with the simple power of a durable ball.