The Future of GeneroCity
For thousands of years, cities have been the physical power-nodes of civilization, the crossroads of culture and tradition, and the engines the future, beyond. GeneroCity is both a physical and a virtual city; a cosmopolis of the heart, mind, body and soul where enlightened self-interest and altruism meet.

It it is our hope to create GeneroCities, worldwide in the coming years. To do that, our “top down and bottom up” philosophy will need to be refined and disseminated in a variety of ways. Whether you are a Founding Member or someone who shares just by using our GeneroCity check out system when you make a purchase, you will be spreading the news while you spread the wealth.

Powered by GeneroCity’s members and participants, we will be exploring potential partnerships with an existing fund or its social venture investments.

And other innovations are already being designed and built, providing still more benefits and opportunities for our investors, and fueling GeneroCity for years to come.

GeneroCity intends to develop such new ventures as:

  • The GeneroCity Process – Generocity is developing  a communications  platform and process  that is equally attentive to building the trust and mutual accountability between  donors, grantees, and beneficiaries.
  • The GeneroCity Exchange – An exchange that will monetize donations of travel and destination properties as an extension of giving.
  • The GeneroCity Index – A means of measuring the generosity levels of cities and regions, worldwide, as a means of promoting increased giving.
  • GeneroCity Currency – An in-house form of coinage that can be redeemed in GeneroCity Exchange experiences or be given away to a chosen Challenge (lead by a social entrepreneur, Game Changer, or a C(3) cause.
  • GeneroCity Television – A unique showcase for change makers providing measurable solutions to pressing challenges, this will also power big-screen philanthropic media events at Mayacamas Ranch.
  • Generocity Homes – Special real estate offerings on-site at Mayacamas ranch and in other locations.