Center for GeneroCity
In the time it will take to read this paragraph, 200 people will have died of starvation. The World Health Organization estimates that two-thirds of the world is either underfed or starving. Our environment is similarly malnourished. We now live in a world where 80% of the world’s forests are gone, 40% of our waterways are undrinkable and the single most contaminated food on Earth is mother’s milk.
Attempts to direct money toward remedies to these dire problems are too often undercut by unfocused thought processes, and a disproportionate amount of these dollars never make it to the site of the problem.

A GeneroCity Revolution

The founders of GeneroCity believe that the Center can help to redirect that flow; that the solution to these bleak statistics is to create a global shift in how we perceive and deploy our giving and investing. The 1% of the world’s population that owns 80% of the world’s resources should not be condemned or penalized for their success, but rather supported in maximizing the effectiveness of the assets they choose to invest or share.

And the developing world, in teaching us what it truly needs, should be a laboratory for correcting the mistakes of the developed world.  “Agritecture,” social investment, mental health innovations for chronically depressed populations, all of it can be profitable and recyclable, in perpetuity.  But the time is now.

Just as Mayacamas Ranch is the grounded, spiritual heart of this endeavor, The Center for GeneroCity is its brain. The Center is an incubator of a new era, the antidote to Future Shock.