We bring people together to incubate and accelerate solutions, through applied action
based on group process, visionary leadership and new concepts of change.
The Center for GeneroCity has set 10 Challenges for itself in the coming years. These 10 will change and grow, but they will be the ongoing organizing principle by which social venture investors and our Game Changers can collaborate.

Micro to Macro and Back Again

How does change actually happen? Can we multiply our resources by directing them better? These will be two of the most fundamental questions that will guide the Center’s work in pursuit of its Challenges.

Advances in physics have exposed the organic nature of change as never before, redefining causality itself. David R. Hawkins, in his book, Power Vs. Force, writes about a key element of chaos theory, the law of sensitive dependence on initial conditions. “This refers to the fact that an extremely minute variation over a course of time can have the effect of producing a profound change,” Hawkins writes. “…This phenomenon…is an essential mechanism of all evolution and underlies the potential of the creative process.”

Maximum Impact

In other words, we are beginning to understand meridians of change and can plot them. It follows that financial resources and creative solutions delivered to a well-primed and respected recipient, can produce exponential results. It also follows that a practical method of measurable, systemic and sustainable sharing can be developed, as well, so that GeneroCity does not become just another form of “cultural colonialism.”

Using the best models developed within the Trans-Partisan Dialogue Challenge group, that methodology is evolving into a GeneroCity Process by which all three stakeholders— donors, Challenge leaders and recipients— can measure our social impact and complete the loop of intercultural cooperation. Our New Media assets will be an integral part of how that success is tracked, memorialized and applied.

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