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Deepak Chopra Interviews GeneroCity Hero Jim Gordon

This is a great, short video featuring GeneroCity Hero James Gordon, MD and Deepak Chopra, MD talking about healing PTSD in Haiti.

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AFH and Students Rebuild

We discovered this video via Students Rebuild, which is a program of our friends at Architecture for Humanity. It is also an initiative of the Bezos Family Foundation.
Zac Taylor, a Design Fellow at Architecture for Humanity, explains Students Rebuild in this video. He is a very young man who gives us hope for …

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Architecture for Humanity at Mayacamas Ranch

Architecture for Humanity joined us for a Powered by GeneroCity retreat last year. We are so delighted that they are returning for a retreat in a few weeks. Here are some highlights from that first gathering last year.

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Connected: A Documentary for the 21st Century

We just caught a new documentary, Connected, at the San Francisco International Women’s Film Festival. While the production values and storytelling are impeccable, it’s the thesis of filmmaker Tiffany Shlain that we find compelling. Technology is re-wiring our brains in good and bad ways, but it offers great opportunities for humanity to come together …

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One Giant Mind

Can we all meditate as one? 1 Giant Mind is a project of our friend Thom Knoles. Their mission “is to coordinate the largest simultaneous global experience of eyes closed silence and measure the collective effect through scientific research.”

1 GIANT MIND from Jonni Pollard on Vimeo.

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How Vedic Meditation Works

Our friend Thom Knoles explains Vedic meditation in this short video. It’s amazing how effective something so simple can be.

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Haiti Onward. A Call to Action.

The need in Haiti has not gone away. GeneroCity Hero, Jim Gordon, MD visits the country regularly to provide psychological training and relief. We also want to share this wonderful video produced for Powered By GeneroCity project, Haiti Onward, by MediaOne Services in San Francisco.

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The Girl Effect

We were inspired to share this by our friends at here is a moving video about micro-financing the power of funding education for girls and women-owned businesses.

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Thom Knoles Speaks about Stress at the San Francisco JCC

In this lecture, which runs 1 hour and 18 minutes, Master Vedic Meditation teacher Thom Knoles, discusses the true meaning of stress. This is a wonderful introduction to the world of Vedic Medidation by one of the foremost experts in the West. The technique is simple and accessible. Watch and be inspired!

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Healing Trauma, Restoring Hope | CMBM

The Center for Mind Body Medicine (CMBM) treats Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) around the globe. This was one of the first video projects produced by GeneroCity. Global Trauma Relief and Self Care at the Center of Health Care are two areas of focus for GeneroCity. We are proud to partner with GeneroCity Hero, James Gordon, MD and CMBM.

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